zephyr sheedy

Primary Color Zines (of pigment and light) for My Bike Family

Documentary narrated in song about the story of me and my three siblings sharing a birthday.

"I moved the lamp in my room and it made me miss you more" a dance film made in quarantine during COVID-19

C-Clamps are Queer

Scrolling GIF of images of collaged zine featuring cut up images from old photographs. Brightly colored. Text is yellow on black background of every other page and reads "I'VE GOT BIG LOVE FOR YOU"


two long pieces of green paper next to each other. one has a drawing of a person but it is skewed and the feet are too big and the head is small. The other page has a bike laying on the ground and reads "October First 5:44pm"

Self Portrait with Bike October 2020

Angels in Bed

i'm not too much, i'm plenty

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