zephyr sheedy

I supported Hallie Chametzky's performance, 22 Percent, by providing lighting design, video, and photo documentation.

22 Percent: A Disintegrating Data Visualization is a dance theater, projection, and music performance exploring the dissolution of Palestinian land since the founding of Israel. The amount of land known as “Historic Palestine” which remained under Palestinian control after the 1948 partition is commonly referred to as approximately 22%. Through a solo dance and storytelling performance, an original score, and an animation depicting the last 70 years of land loss, the project will engage the audience in a journey of kinetic empathy, challenging both performer and audience to visualize a life lived at a fraction of its fullest. - Hallie Chamtezky

Concept, choreography, script, and performance by Hallie Chametzky
Animation and projection by Fiona Pen
Original score by Colton Dodd
Lighting Design, photography, and videography by Zephyr Sheedy
Faculty Advisor: Kate Sicchio

This project was funded with generous support from the VCUarts Undergraduate Research Grant. 

Learn more about the performance and Hallie's work here.

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