zephyr sheedy

Clean Center

Clean Center is inspired by a poem that my grandmother wrote for my grandfather when they were first falling in love. Through the process of creating these images, I found ways to relate my own experiences with love and growth to my grandmother's. The series acts as an abstract reenactment of various events in my grandmother's life that lead up to her and my grandfather meeting, including the birth of my mother, three failed marriages, working as a lawyer, and converting to Judaism from Catholicism. I utilize various symbols that I associate with them in my own space to visualize a time I was never alive for. By doing this, their memories become my own.

"You have a sharpshooter's eyes

And a lover's clever hands.

So tell me why,

It wasn't a look or a touch

But the sight of you ankles,

In white socks

That riveted my soul."

-Ruchama Burrell
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