zephyr sheedy


"In a world where time travel is commonplace, two friends confront a secret one of them has been keeping. “When You Were Born,” directed by Zephyr Sheedy, is mumblecore sci-fi, a high concept, lo-fi drama that defies metaphysical constraints. Two college friends, Victoria and Audrey, live a low-key existence circling around mundane concerns like naps and pizza. But there’s one thing different here. Time travel is possible and ordinary. The portal is a green screen studio, where Victoria goes to re-watch her parents meeting for the first time, for instance. When she comes home one night, she makes an even more outlandish discovery related to her roommate. We previously featured Sheedy with her goofy comedy vid, “Don’t Forget Your Bike,” and she takes an admirable approach in both films, playful experiments that go by their own logic, finding joy in simple visual effects and tweaks on reality." - Kentucker Audley (NoBudge)

(15 minutes). Writer/Director/Editor: Zephyr Sheedy. Starring Victoria Lowry, Audrey Stemann and Jalen Thurman. Assistant Director: Sydney Cordoba. Director of Photography: Will Barker. Sound: Alli Wilkins.


sweetly deleted scene from WYWB.

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